7 rounds of 10 questions.  Each question in the first 6 rounds is worth 10 points.  Round 7 questions, or the Lightning Round, are worth 25 points apiece. 

Remain calm and have fun! 

This is a non-cellphone game.  The object of THIS game is to answer questions using only the brains in your group.  If it is suspected that you are using a cellphone IN ANY CAPACITY while a round is occurring, it will be assumed that you are playing a different game that involves using cellphones, and the special cellphone scoring system will go into effect.

Do not tattle on rulebreakers.   If you feel the urge to tattle, remember the rule above, which is to remain calm and have fun. 

Every team may double their points for one round in the game, and it must be within the first 6 rounds.  Pick the round that you feel you will do the best in and when you hand in your answer sheet for that round, mark an X in that box, and your points will be doubled.  No X2 Rounds may be used in the final round, Round 7, the Lightning Round.

Spelling does not count against you (usually!).  

If you have any challenges to questions or scoring discrepancies or have any questions about the game, please wait until between rounds to discuss. 

You may challenge answers that you believe to be incorrect.  Answers for that evening are almost always final!  But in exchange for my error and possibly costing a team points for that evening's game, teams will be awarded 30 points to a future game if I find out that my answer was incorrect AND cost the victimized team a prize or position.