Jason Hinkledire has 20 years of experience providing and coordinating music for social gatherings and also working on the radio as an on-air personality.  He is also the WORLD RECORD HOLDER for longest marathon as a quiz master!

Contact Jason for ALL types of events, including weddings, parties, trivia nights, car shows, and charity events!  

We also offer audio equipment rental, if all you need is some professional sound.

Another service which we are proud to offer is our Pics In A Pod photo booth!  

Have a big-screen night and an exciting theater experience with our projector service!  Host outdoor or indoor events and play video games, screen a movie, watch the Super Bowl or other sporting events, or present slide shows or any other special videos!  Add in our superior audio equipment, and it will be like you are inside (or is it outside?) a movie theater!  All of this projected on our 16 feet (yes, FEET!) by 9 feet screen!

Also, now offering karaoke as well!